Proper community engagement is an essential part of Abu Khader corporate identity. Over the past years, the Group has been proactively involved in the welfare and education of its employees and has actively contributed in several areas involving road safety, youth education and engagement, art, culture, environmental protection along with many other outreach programs for the less fortunate members of our society.

In line with this vision, the Group has supported the following initiatives:


  1. Road Safety Initiative:

Deaths and injuries caused by vehicular collisions have unfortunately been on the rise in Jordan. As an active player in the automotive arena, Abu Khader, in collaboration with Jordan’s Central Traffic Department sought out to combat the bad driving habits that lead to such accidents. For five consecutive years, numerous campaigns have been designed and implemented to promote safe driving on Jordanian roads. Some campaigns focused on the general public and others were directed towards university students and young Jordanian drivers.


  1. Charitable Initiatives:

Stemming out from the Group’s sense of responsibility towards our society and the less fortunate, an annual budget is allocated for the empowerment and support of various non-profit organizations. The Group is heavily involved in sponsoring many important health institutions as well as championing reputable charity foundations that cater to different important causes directly supporting our less fortunate community members.


  1. Youth Education and Engagement Programs:

Abu Khader believes that youth education and engagement is a core pillar for building and advancing a healthy society. That is why we have been involved in designing and implementing several educational programs over the years. Such programs included:

  • Abu Khader Automotive Mechanical Engineer Award: This program was conducted to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of engineering students from universities.

    In addition to receiving a certificate upon completion of the course, students gained valuable information and insight that would eventually help them in completing their program of study and obtaining their degree in engineering.


  • Abu Khader Automotive Arts Competition: This initiative focused on arts, culture as well as education. Fine arts students along with talented upcoming artists were asked to participate in a competition to produce a work of art that they felt represented one of our automotive brand models.The winner of this competition got the chance to travel to London and attend a course of their choice in one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, Central Saint Martins, London School of Arts.


  • Abu Khader Automotive Journalism Competition: Abu Khader Automotive launched a special Journalism competition initiative aimed for students studying journalism, marketing, public relations, modern languages and car enthusiasts of all specialties. Participants were asked to write an article on how the technological advancements in modern vehicles affected the Joy of driving. The owner of the winning article had the chance to attend a one week training course in Dubai with one of our automotive brand representatives to understand how international brands plan and conduct their marketing communications and public relation activities.


  1. Cultural Initiatives:

We believe that art is food for the soul and an integral part of any advanced society. Abu Khader Group is strongly committed to sponsoring and supporting cultural initiatives in Jordan.

Examples of successful collaborations include:

  • Dozan Wa Awtar: An Arabic music choral group focusing on an experimental style of Arabic music. The group was established in 2002, and since then has received a strong backing from Abu Khader Group. Dozan Wa Awtar, today expanded to Dozan World ,  has performed in numerous events for large audiences and have achieved success in promoting their new style of music.


  • Friends of Jordan Festival:  Friends of the Jordan Festivals is a non-profit organization founded in March 2010, by a group of leaders in the private sector; motivated by their love and loyalty to their country, and their passion of the culture and the arts. Abu Khader Group has proudly supported several initiatives that aim at promoting Jordan as a cultural destination being the only open air museum in the world, rich in history, rich in heritage and rich in culture.


  1. Environmental Protection Initiatives:    

Since the advent of the “Green Movement” in Jordan and Abu Khader Group has been on the forefront of championing this cause as many businesses and individuals are unaware of the detrimental impact their activities might have on the environment.

We are proud to say that we operate one of Jordan’s first “Green Buildings”, as we have installed a 25 Mega Watt photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Mecca Street. This system is capable of delivering all the building’s energy needs through utilizing solar power.

Abu Khader Groups is also a proud supporter of Jordan’s Outdoor Sports association. This association is concerned with outdoor activities that affect Jordan’s flora and fauna such as hunting. It also tackles wrong and illegal practices by hunters that harm the environment. Together with the association, Abu Khader Group has participated in the reintroduction of many species of endangered wildlife to help build up their numbers.